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Now you can easily hide all the items on your desktop with a click of a button, and dont worry, theyll be right were you left them as soon as you tick the hide/un-hide button.



Time displayed will be the same as the time displayed in the computer preferences. It will be constantly updated every second. Analog Clock is now available in Smart Wall v1.1



Date can be displayed in several different formats, this will allow users to display the date in the format they like. Below is a list of date formats that
can be displayed in seperate windows.Date

- Month of year: (January)

- Day of week: (Saturday)

- Day of month: (31)

- Year: (2012)

- Day of week abbreviation: (Sat)

- Month of year: (12)



Weather information will depend on the location you enter in the application. US-Zip Code or a City code will help the app determine your location,
a City code is for users residing outside the US. The City code can be found by following the link on the app, enter the name of your city and a city
code will be determined. Copy paste it to the application and your set to go. The application can display a description of the current weather forecast
along with a weather forecast image.

- Current Weather description: (partly cloudy)

- Current Weather Image: as shown in the image



Smart Wall can fetch and update stock information of the web to keep you updated with the worlds market. Enter the stock symbols you are interested
in monitoring in the app seperated by plus signs (+) ex. (BAC+AAPL) and hit enter. This will update the stock symbols and the new stock symbols
should be displayed instead of the default symbols.

- Stock Symbols:

- Stock Price

- Stock Price Change

- Stock price and price change


If your iTunes is playing a playlist, Smart Wall can display the song currently playing on your wallpaper to keep your in tune with your iTunes.
It will display the name of the song along with the artist and album name. (Will be available in the next update)