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HIDE desktop items demo


- There will be a new icon in your menu bar when you launch app a yellow light bulb next to battery info. From the menu bar you can access preferences, remove all information from your desktop (at once) and quit the application.

- Open preferences window from Menu bar to add, edit, quit and remove editing windows

- Adding information is simple enough

- Want to change font ? font size ? simple CHOOSE the window you want to edit, background of editing window will get lighter, click on the fonts button in the tool bar of the preferences window and choose the a font and font size you want.

- BE AWARE, you need to resize editing window size yourself if you decide to use a bigger font, if you choose a large font text might not even appear until you increase size of window

- How to change size of window ? the usual, hold the bottom right of any window and drag it till you are happy (bigger is always better)

- Want to change the COLOUR of the information in the windows ? CHOOSE the window with information you want to edit and hit on the colour well next to "TEXT COLOR"

- Done customizing ? click on DONE in the preferences window

- Still want to edit after hitting done ? Click on EDIT in the preferences window and you can edit everything all over again

- When it comes to editing your zip code or stock symbols, after changing your zip code please ensure you hit ENTER to update the information in the windows

- For the stock symbols, make sure you follow the correct format. Ex AAPL+BAC+BRCM, and don't forget to enter

- Got ne more questions ? Leave your question below. If you cant sign in using any of the methods, leave your comment in the "Contact Us" section or by email.